No sex? Let’s bake a cake instead…

This online vice ring case about the hordes of horny old men engaging in sexual activities with the underaged girl ‘who shall not be named’ seems to getting more bizarre each day.

Now the second guy claiming trial in the case, a businessman named Edward Whistler Goh Ngian Meng, is claiming that he did not have sex with the girl the second time round because he ‘could not get aroused’ although he still paid her more than $400 on both occasions.

The sporty businessman claims that he could not get his soldier to attention even after the poor girl tried to arouse him with her hands because he had just run a marathon, was on painkillers for an ankle injury and even had a cold. What a stroke of bad luck.

However despite not getting his money’s worth which seems like poor business sense, he decided to be a nice fellow and bake her a banana walnut cake and have a nice friendly chat over coffee. He later said that they became ‘friends’ following this episode and would call her directly instead of through her pimp. The only thing that’s missing in this story is both of them riding into the sunset like star-crossed lovers.

Jokes aside, what intrigues me is the calm manner of how Mr Whistler (how do they come up with these names?) got over his embarrassing situation by baking a cake.
While most men would probably go out for a beer or start a fight being the ‘macho’ thing to do, this chap did the exact opposite thing, got in touch with feminine side and got all ‘Martha Stewart’ by baking a cake! What was going through his mind at that time I wonder? “Stand up God dammit! Oh well, ..Let’s just bake a cake then..hmm..I know a BANANA WALNUT Cake!”

And which single man has a ready stash of bananas and walnuts in his apartment with baking equipment? Does he own a bakery business as well? Is he moonlighting as a pastry chef somewhere?

Apart from his unique name, we can gather from this article alone that Mr Whistler is a businessman, marathoner, baking enthusiast and lover of fine young ladies.

I’m sure if someone did more digging I wont be surprised if they find out he’s a masked vigilante.




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